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Who we are...

  • A small "Dust on the boots" U.K. registered medical charity founded by two ex-NHS professionals working in Malawi, one of the world's poorest nation.

  • We work as an African charity with our Malawi colleagues, supported by our U.K. team that includes medical doctors and scientists as our advisers.

  • Our work is mainly focused on African children with our flagship Children's Mobile Clinic treating over 25,000 sick children every year, saving many young lives.

  • Food for Africa; with a population made up mainly by subsistence farmers, living under constant threat from changing climatic conditions, famine is a challenge that we often have to face and always play a kep role in ensuring the African child does not become a victim.

  • We operate with low administrative costs and do not employ fundraisers so that 95% of our income can go towards our projects.

  • We rely entirely on donations so your help is vital to us and as a small charity it will truly make a difference.

  • To see a one and a half minute youtube video of our Children's Mobile Clinic click below.



Children treated since 1998


Average Cost per treatment


Young lives saved each year


Miles covered by our mobile clinic vehicles


Mobile Clinic

Caring for Children

with AIDS

Cervical Cancer


Educating the


Want to help?


We are funded purely by donation. It costs us an average of £2.50 to treat a sick child and that includes medicines, staff salaries and fuel for our vehicles.

A donation of £25 would enable us to treat 10 sick children and maybe save a young live - please help if you can.

Get Involved

Whether you are looking to volunteer, have a fundraising idea or would be interested in a corporate sponsorship; there are many ways you can help us save young lives.

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