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WMF launches Bright Minds scholarships for 2022

Imagine having the potential to go further with your education and even having the exam results to show for it, but then your dreams are shattered just because your family is too poor?

The WMF Malawi Bright Minds Scholarship Programme gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to children who are exceptionally bright but denied the opportunity of secondary education because they are from the poorest of families.

These children are from Nkhotakota district, one of the least developed regions

of Malawi—itself one of the world’s poorest nations. Their background is abject poverty—perhaps just one pair of shoes for a family—with their survival reliant on precarious subsistence farming, continually at risk from climate change.

Your sponsorship enables qualifying students to attend a residential school with an established track record of providing high quality education. They won’t need to travel for several hours between school and their distant, rural homes and can focus on their learning.

Our hope is for these sponsored children to go on to university. Competition is fierce and access cannot be guaranteed, but successful students will have the best chance to go on to find meaningful employment.

How the programme works

  • The family circumstances of qualifying students are verified by WMF

  • Children receive boarding at an established fee-paying school

  • Clothes, shoes, books, healthy food, travel and medical care are included

  • Children will receive ongoing support from WMF's local team in Nkhotakota

  • Annual cost: £450 / US$600

  • Sponsors will hear from the child regarding their progress and receive updates from the WMF local team

Help us with another success story

Meet Lazarus, a previous recipient of the Bright Minds scholarship, who is now in his third year of medical school.

Thank you for your generosity and support. I promise to continue working hard and eventually give back to others both as a clinical officer and by providing scholarships to future students like myself.”

Help exceptionally bright students like Lazarus achieve their potential.

Contact WMF for more details or visit our website to make a donation.

With your support more children in Malawi can achieve their ambitions.


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