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Volunteering Opportunities

Over the years a number of doctors and nurses have volunteered to spend 3 or 6 months or so with us. Working with an African charity deep in the African bush is a very different world from the high technology environment in the developed world. Armed with just a stethoscope, otoscope/ophthalmoscope and recently an ultrasound machine, this is the practice of medicine at the simplest level.

We also accept an average of 40, mainly final year medical students to spend their medical electives with us in Malawi every year.

However, we are not just seeking medical support - If you have a skill or contacts (can be anything from marketing to vehicle mechanics) or are well-connected in the corporate world that you feel could be useful to us, do get in touch.

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Corporate Sponsorships

We are an example of an efficient non-profit, operating with low admin costs with an unblemished record over a twenty year history.

  • We can offer exceptional team-building exercises working with our team in Malawi. The package includes meet and transport from the airport to our base, clean and acceptable accommodation, induction and training.

  • It involves working with our clinical team in villages far from the tarmac road, helping save lives every day.

  • We recommend a 10 day trip with 7 days working with us and 3 days R & R.

Another option would be to sponsor one of our children's mobile clinics; we can give real time weekly updates on cases treated, lives saved and your team can be involved to whatever level you decide. 



There are so many ways you can help us, from selling homemade lemonade, asking for donations in place of birthday/wedding gifts running marathons, mudder challenges to climbing the three peaks.

Imagine bursting (or staggering!) over the finish line knowing your efforts will save the young lives of children, otherwise forgotten at the "bottom of the pile of humanity".

Everyone has an idea, a skill, a passion or a hobby they can use.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas!


Want to Help?

If you are interested in supporting us with any of the above, please get in touch via our contact form or by emailing us directly at

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