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The Frog Who Was Blue

The Frog Who Was Blue

The Frog Who Was Blue was written by our WMF team member Dr Faiz Kermani and illustrated by our kind and talented supporter Naomi Powell. The book is helping raise money the ongoing work of WMFThe Frog Who Was Blue also serves an educational role and we have had enthusiastic feedback from children in different countries – including those being supported by other children’s charities.

“I was inspired to write the story after hearing about the experience of one of the children being cared for by WMF when he started school” explained Faiz. “We’re delighted that the book has raised money for WMF, supported other charities and that it has also encouraged children all around the world to read more."

Invite the Blue Frog to Your School

The Frog Who Was Blue has been translated into FrenchGermanDutch and Spanish and other translations are underway. The WMF team has been running book-themed events at schools in different countries and we are looking forward to planning more. The events are very popular with young readers, who are very curious to find out more about the lives of children in Malawi and want to meet the author.

“We’re very grateful to the teachers who invite us to their schools and are always delighted to hear from anyone wanting to use the book with their classes” said Faiz. “We also have a free board game that accompanies the book and that has been a big hit with children.” 

If you are a teacher, please get in touch if you would like to use the book or free board game with your class. We are also delighted to hear from other children's charities interested in the book.

Have you seen the Blue Frog near you?

The Frog Who Was Blue is also travelling around the world with the help of our wonderful friends The Bookfairies. If you find the book near you, let us know and tag us and the Bookfairies on social media!

Buy a Copy

The Frog Who Was Blue can be bought from Amazon or Troubador Publishing and all proceeds from the sales will go to fund WMF.

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