Cliiford 1st

Sepsis, ulcers - suspected HIV.

 This very sick child was brought to our mobile clinic by his guardian, his mother having recently died and the whereabouts of the father were unknown.

The child was very sick and without intervention would have died within a month or so.

We treated the opportunistic infections and took the child onto our Thandizo centre for children living with AIDS programme that is certified as a "Centre of Excellence".

Until there is a cure, living with AIDS  means lifelong care and once on our programme we follow the child closely with monthly clinical review.

The outcomes of our programme are good with a mortality rate of under 1%.

Twelve years on and that same very sick young child whose live we saved is now a very happy young man and the star of the local football team.

Another success story - but we can only do it with your support, we rely entirely on donations.