cervical cancer

Malawi has the world’s highest incidence and mortality rates from cervical cancer with a median survival time from diagnosis of 10 months and a 5-year survival rate of 2.9% Source “The Malawi National Cervical Cancer Control Programme 2018”.

 At last we can end this unnecessary suffering and tragic loss of life with a project delivering education, early treatment, and preventative vaccination.  This project will comprise four critical elements:

Advocacy & Education:  This project will raise awareness to combat the vacuum of knowledge on cervical cancer in the rural areas of Malawi. Operating in the villages, schools and through local radio our education programme will ensure girls and women understand the dangers of cervical cancer and the enormous benefit this project will deliver.

Screen & Treat:  The VIA “vinegar test” is a simple and cost-effective test for cervical cancer. It detects the pre-cancerous cells before they develop into life-threatening cancers so that we can eliminate them immediately with a simple 10-minute cryotherapy procedure. Where cancers have developed beyond the stage that we can treat, we will refer the patient to the local district hospital and assist with transport.

Sustainability:  The project will incorporate a widespread training scheme for clinical officers, nurses and other health care workers to ensure the knowledge and skills remain in place after the project ends.