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WMF health data report: Capturing our life-saving work in numbers

A record of saving young lives

WMF delivers free, life-saving medical care to children in the areas where it is needed most, to ensure that sick children in the remotest villages do not become just another sad, anonymous statistic in the child mortality tables. Since 2003, WMF has treated over 400,000 sick children through all its programmes, which is no easy task, given that we rely entirely on external donations. WMF receives no government funding and relies entirely on your generous contributions. Less than 5% of the gifts we receive are used for administrative purposes.

Our main programme is a mobile clinic that delivers free life-saving care to over 30,000 sick children every year. These children are effectively denied access to healthcare, because they live too far away from major health facilities in the cities and townships. We ensure that sick children in the remotest villages do not become just another sad, anonymous statistic in the child mortality tables.

Local collaborations

WMF’s longstanding experience in central Malawi is the result of its highly qualified medical team, its established links with the local community and the army of community volunteers who act as Village Health Assistants. The partnership with healthcare authorities means that it is uniquely positioned to help combat ongoing and emerging healthcare threats. Our positive impact and cooperation is officially acknowledged by the local community and traditional authorities, with whom we have regular discussions.

To ensure the success of WMF's work, we regularly collect and analyse healthcare data gathered by our teams. This information helps us determine the most appropriate interventions and local healthcare priorities. The information summarised in our latest WMF Health Data Report shows the extent of the challenges we face, but it also illustrates how vital our work is to save the lives of young children in Malawi.

Download our WMF Health Data Report below and learn more about how your donations are making a real difference to young lives in Malawi.

WMF 2020 Health Data Report (website)
Download PDF • 700KB

COVID-19 - a new threat

Malawi is currently facing a critical situation, since it must deal with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, whilst already struggling with a range of healthcare and related societal issues that place a heavy burden on its population. Whilst WMF has the frontline experience and local links to deliver healthcare to combat this new challenge, it requires resources and funding to do this effectively and in a sustainable way.


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