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We are in the front lines in the battle against this deadly virus, for we are the known and trusted medical organisation that has operated throughout the region since 1998. Our mobile clinics reach out to all corners of the region and are the ideal tool to educate the communities on how to limit the effects of the pandemic.

Whilst at present there are a limited number of cases of infection in Malawi (virtually all in persons who have travelled to Tanzania) the world faces an unprecedented challenge against this virus but whatever mortal dangers we face in the developed world we could expect to see them multiplied exponentially in Africa.  

Education, especially on physical separation and safe hand hygiene will be our key weapon because it is the only way we can lessen the threat and the effect on the community.  The prime aim must be prevention for there is no proven cure and there are no ventilators within 250km of where we operate in Nkhotakota district.

Malaria and the other childhood killer diseases will remain a constant threat during the COVID crisis so we must not stop our work. We  face significant extra costs in the need for PPEs for our clinical team.

Our appeal is to raise £12,000 so we can ensure the safety of our team by providing PPEs so they can continue our lifesaving work.

Thank you for your support.


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