1998 - 2000 The AIDS Orphans:

When we began our programme in 1998 in Malawi the greatest need was support for the children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  In the villages there was no knowledge of HIV/AIDS and it was believed that witchcraft was the cause of the “Slimmer’s disease” and the deaths of all who fell ill. It was common belief that the children orphaned by the pandemic were bewitched and they were often chased away from the village of their birth.

Out first instinct was to build orphanages but the local community made it clear they are against the African culture so we had to find a new solution and came up with concept of community based support. The programme encouraged relatives and villagers to take in the orphans and ensured they were not a burden by providing food inputs, clothing and paying the costs of schooling.

2000 - 2004 HIV/AIDS education:

There was a complete vacuum of knowledge on the subject when we began our programme in 2000. Rather than focus on adults we chose to operate in the primary and secondary schools; we operated in 106 schools, reaching over 70,000 students annually.  After a three year project we ran a voluntary counselling and HIV testing project that attracted 4,500 beneficiaries and proved the success of the project with a significant reduction in the HIV +ive rate in secondary school children.

2003 (Ongoing) Children's Mobile Clinic:

Working in the villages we were acutely aware of the numbers of sick and dying children, denied access to medical care because of lack of transport, infrastructure and the very real challenges of poverty itself. Our simple solution was to set up Children's Mobile Clinics and take the medical care to where the need was greatest.

2005 (Ongoing) Children living with AIDS:

We set up our Thandizo centre for children living with AIDS that is a great success and certified as a centre of excellence.

2020 (planned) Screen & Treat for cervical cancer:

Malawi has the world's highest incidence and mortality from this cancer; our planned field-based programme will detect and treat the lesions long before they develop into cancers.

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