Medical care under a tree

Medical care under the shade of a tree.

Children in the forgotten villages far from the tarmac road have little or no access to medical care. We discovered the depth of the problem in our AIDS orphan support project, in every village there would be sick and dying children with no hope of medical care – we pioneered the concept of mobile clinics in 2003 and the model has been copied throughout sub Saharan Africa.

Imagine a GP surgery on wheels which is able to get to the remotest parts of the African bush and deliver life-saving, limb-saving, sight-saving treatments to children who would otherwise be left to suffer or die.

Every year we treat well over 30,000 sick children including over 8,000 cases of malaria (still Africa’s biggest killer), save many young lives and provide regular access to life-saving medication for over 100 children living with HIV.

We are a small charity and rely entirely on donations; if you can help it will truly make a difference.

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