In 2005 antiretroviral medicine became available free of charge in Malawi for everyone infected with the AIDS virus, however children under 13 years of age were excluded.

We could not stand by and watch these innocent children suffer the painful and undignified death that is the final outcome of AIDS so for the first two years we began our own programme, buying the antiretroviral medicine at an annual cost of $500 per child. 

In 2005 the antiretroviral medicines to treat HIV/AIDS became available free of charge for all, making it possible for us to expand our project.

We faced two challenges:-

  • Many of the children were orphaned and without the support of their parents, lost to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • How can one ensure that children attend every month for essential ongoing clinical appraisal and prescription of their medicine?

children with AIDSOur solutions were simple and effective:-

For those children who lived far away and where there is no transport we organise bicycle taxis to bring them for their 4 weekly clinical assessment.

To ensure they want to come for their clinical assessment we made our centre as unlike a medical facility as possible. We provide football and netball facilities, books, toys, games, even a TV (a great rarity at that time). It works exceptionally well and the children are eager to attend, arrive early and do not want to leave at the end of the day.

To continue our work we need your help for we rely entirely on donations.

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