land cruiser in the bush

A Land Cruiser fighting its way through the African bush.

We work is where the need is greatest - in the villages far from the tarmac road, often through really difficult terrain.

We cross rivers, climb steep hills and at times in the rainy season when bridges are washed away, use boats to finish our journey.

Tough 4 x 4 vehicles are our life blood - without them we cannot do our work.

We treat them with great care, only employ the best drivers, keep religiously to service schedules and only trust the Toyota and Land Rover main dealers in Lilongwe to work on our vehicles.

Considering the tough, pothole and rock strewn terrain in which we operate, it is remarkable that we get a working life of around 8 years for each vehicle.

But they do not last for ever and one of our old and trusted friends is nearing the end of its days and we need a new vehicle.

The cost of a ROW (Rest of World Spec vehicle ) shipped to Malawi, carriage and freight paid is £29,560 - Can you help?

Not the best of bridges we have to cross to get to our clinic sites - and certainly not the worst!