Putting the smile back; these children are beneficiaries of our Thandizo programme caring for children living with AIDS.

We they come to us they are typically at death's door, skeletal, with cough, diarrhoea - with the powerful antiretroviral medicines and therapeutic food inputs they regain their childhood, able to smile and play again.

Our vision to create a centre completely unlike a medical unit, instead it is a place of fun with toys, football, netball has worked superbly. No one needs to persuade the children to come for their monthly clinical review - they turn up early and have to be persuaded to leave at the end of the day.

Being centre-based it is a very cost-effective project but one of the costs we face is for transport for children who live a long way away, i.e. over 12km from our centre. There is no public transport, it is too far to walk so we pay for a bicycle taxi to collect and take home the children for their clinical assessments every 4 weeks at a cost of £60 per year.


This is George, he lives with his grandmother 15km from our centre in a very simple hut in a village far from the nearest tarmac road. The bicycle taxi is a life-saver for him for otherwise he could not come in for clinical assessment and for his medicines.

It is important we see the children on a regular basis to monitor for treatment failure and the need for a different regimen.

Can you fund his bicycle taxis?