What it is

Imagine an operating theatre on wheels which is able to get to the remotest parts of the African bush and deliver life-saving, limb-saving, sight-saving treatments to children who would otherwise be left to suffer or die.

Where the idea came from

A number of children present at our mobile clinic requiring surgery. Initially we would write them a letter of referral which they could take to the nearest hospital. But because that hospital was often 75km away, very few children would actually get the essential surgery they needed. This prompted us to create a solution, a way to provide surgery to people where they were, instead of forcing them to travel long distances they could not manage.


The Impact

This unique vehicle has made it possible for hundreds of children to receive the essential surgical operations they desperately needed.

It was recently off the road as it desperately needed new tyres but we are delighted to report that one of our old friends has donated the funds to buy them and get it back on the road again.

How Your Donation Could Help

£5 could buy the local anaesthetic,Iodine, gauze and bandage to make a simple operation possible.

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