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World Medical Fund for Children


Our Vision

Our vision is that healthcare must be a basic right for every child, not a luxury. Every day we save young lives and end suffering in sub Saharan Africa by taking medical care to children, otherwise denied access because they live in remote villages, often over 20km away from the nearest tarmac road.

We employ a methodology based on our simple philosophy:-

  • To employ a “Dust on the boots” approach, rather than theory.
  • To work hand in hand with the local community.
  • To deliver high achievement on the ground with low administration costs.

We achieve this by taking the desperately needed medical care to where it is needed most, using a robust 4 x 4 vehicle carrying a clinical team and a wide range of medicines.

It is highly cost-effective, in the U.K. our admin costs are under 5% and in Malawi where we have our main programmes, we work hand in hand with the local community and they play a key role in its delivery with a volunteer army of 150 Village Health Assistants.

We treat over 25,000 sick children every year, ensuring they do not end up just another anonymous statistic in the mortality figures.

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